There are lots of different ways you can get involved as a Healthwatch volunteer, from speaking to people about their experiences of health and social care to using your skills to support your local Healthwatch office.

We are currently recruiting volunteers to sit on our Steering Group. For more information, click here


We are always keen to work with partner organisations in the local area to improve health and social care services for Rotherham residents.

  • Partnership projects

We carry out service evaluations and small research projects to assess how well health and social care services are providing for Rotherham's residents. If you want to work on a project together, please get in touch

  • Signposting and referrals

We provide signposting information to clients who contact us about where to go for help, for example when they need an advocate or to make a complaint. We also make referrals where appropriate. We would welcome working more closely with related organisations to streamline the referral process