Mental Health Services in Rotherham report

During March and April 2021 we conducted three surveys looking into mental health services in Rotherham. The three surveys were: children and young people, adults and an organisational survey.
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During February 2021 as part of Healthwatch Rotherham’s online engagement sessions “Lets Talk….” We looked at raising awareness of mental health. We had a really good session with a mix of service providers and service users. Around this time, we also set up regular meetings with RDaSH (Rotherham, Doncaster and South Humber NHS Trust) who provide mental health services in Rotherham to discuss what the service users were telling us and how the service was being perceived. We decided a good starting point would be for Healthwatch Rotherham to put out a survey to Children and Young People and also one to Adults in Rotherham to look at their opinions on mental health services. It also became apparent through conversations that there was no clear pathway for services to refer into mental health when a service user presented to them in a mental health crisis, so we decided to also run a short organisational survey alongside the Children and Young People and Adults surveys.


The results of these surveys can be read in our report below:


Mental Health Report May 2021

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