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The more people share their ideas, experiences and concerns about NHS and social care, the more services can understand what works, what doesn't and what people want from care in the future.

If it matters to you, it's likely it matters to someone else too. We want to hear your views. Get in touch and share your story.

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Healthcare Access for Asylum Seekers and Refugees

Healthwatch Rotherham is working with the Refugee Council's Health Access for Refugees Programme to find out what barriers asylum seekers and refugees face when trying to access health and social care services in Rotherham. Despite the right to interpretation services, not all patients are receiving them when needed. 

If you have experienced issues accessing healthcare because of a language barrier, we would like to hear from you

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Care Homes & Coronavirus

The outbreak of the pandemic meant that many care homes had to restrict visitors and visits off-site because of residents' vulnerability to the virus. Lots of care homes came up with innovative solutions to keep residents entertained and in contact with their families. Despite these efforts, the separation has been incredibly hard. We spoke to care home managers and the relatives of residents at homes catering for the elderly as well as those for people with learning disabilities and autism.

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Flu Campaign in Rotherham

Some Rotherham residents had quite a different experience of the flu campaign in 2020. Because of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, five GP practices in Rotherham used drive and walk through clinics at Herringthorpe Stadium to vaccinate people in a socially distanced way.

Healthwatch Rotherham has been listening to people's experiences and seeing the clinics firsthand

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Discharge from Hospital During the Pandemic

In July Healthwatch England in partnership with the Care Quality Commission launched the first #BecauseWeAllCare campaign. They used a national survey to collect patients' and carers' experiences of hospital discharge during the COVID-19 pandemic. We used these findings and our own case studies to understand the impact of changes to the discharge procedure here in Rotherham.

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Joining up Intermediate Care and Reablement Pathways

Rotherham health and social care partners are working together to join up the intermediate care and reablement services. We want to know what your experiences are of the current services, and what could be done better.

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