Registering with a GP in the Rotherham area

The NHS states that patients have a legal right to register at whichever GP practice they choose. GP practices must accept any patients who wish to register with them unless they have reasonable grounds to refuse registration.
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We made unannounced phone calls to GP receptions to ask their procedure for a standard patient coming into the practice wanting to register, and for a patient who could not provide any documents that were asked for. We also made note if practices mentioned The Gate practice. The time taken to speak to a member of the reception staff on the phone was recorded too.

We also asked what their standard procedure is for registering a new patient, and how they would manage a patient who could not produce any documents requested, such as a homeless patient or a refugee.

All calls were made on 2nd or 3rd December 2019 between 10am - 4pm.



To find out the results and read the report in full in can be downloaded here.

If you wish to have the report in a different format, please telephone 01709 717130 or email

Registering with a GP in the Rotherham area

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