Care Quality Commission State of Care Report 2019

State of Care is the Care Quality Commission's annual assessment of health and social care in England
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Care Quality Commission publish their State of Care Report 2018/19

The report tells us what the CQC found out about health and social care services in England last year.

What it discovered was most of the care is getting a little bit better but some things need to be improved. The report also states that where really good care is seen it is usually because a service is doing something new or different and often this is because 1 person or a small number of people wanted to make a difference. The change could be using technology in a better way to meet peoples needs, although there are not enough examples of care services and organisations coming together to make new technology work to improve the quality of care for people.

You can read the Full Report or a Summary

There is also an Easy Read Version

What are we doing?

Rotherham services are already looking at ways to improve access to appointments by launching the new Rotherham Health App and Connect Healthcare who offer extended access to GP appointments and much more!

Local services in Rotherham continue to develop the All Age Autism Strategy.

We will continue to be the voice of Rotherham residents who are battling with mental health services ensuring they are heard at the highest levels.

By working closely with RMBC, Rotherham Clinical Commissioning Group, The Rotherham Foundation Trust and Rotherham, Doncaster and South Humber NHS Trust we will continue to champion the right of all our residents to recieve the health and social care that they deserve.

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